Territory War

There are three iterations of Territory War, the newest being Part 3. Territory War is a fun  game with a simple premise – destroy the other team. You do this by moving around a group of players who each come equipped with a number of weapons. Their movement is limited and turned based with each of your character’s switching off with the enemy team’s. You get 45 seconds to move, select a weapon and use the weapon. Movement uses your keyboards arrow keys. Once you have gotten your character to the desired spot you press “W” to access a list of weapons including grenade, magnum, mortar, rpgs, and several others. You can select these by pressing numbers 1-9 or by scrolling through the list with your mouse. All the weapons have different mechanics, for example, some can only be used when close to the enemy like the boot, others are aimed in a straight line such as the sniper rifle others aim with an arc like the grenade or mortar. Once you have selected your weapon you use “A” to shoot. Some items you choose the power of the attack by holding down the A button such as when throwing the grenade.