Monster Master

Monster Madness is a card-based strategy game that requires players to use spells and summoned monsters against their opponents. The first player that has their hit points reduce to zero will lose the game. Players typically compete against other competitors and they can also challenge compete against the computer.

The game starts once both players are dealt five cards from their deck. After they receive their cards, players can summon monsters and cast spells against their enemy. Players will have to drag monsters to the middle part of the screen and spell targets will have to be placed directly on their targets. Once a person finishes using their cards they will then click the “end turn” button.

The game is easy to play but complex to master. Players can build up their decks with special cards over time. Decks with too many spells will be easily overthrown by decks with lots of monsters. Decks stocked with lots of monster cards are the best to have for competition. Players should also be aware of the abilities and skills of the monsters that they are attacking, that way they won’t waste their cards on monsters that won’t be affected by their attacks. People can save their cards and games and play them at a later time.