Mahjong Alchemy

About Mahjong Alchemy

Are you looking for a game that is going to glue you to your computer or mobile phone device? Or are you simply looking for a game to keep you busy in those lonely nights when you can’t catch sleep? How about you try Mahjong alchemy? This is an online game with unparalleled features all designed to keep your mind ever on alert-mode. In a world full of options, why would you prefer this game? It is designed to give you utmost active participation hence eliminates chances of you ever getting bored while playing it. This way, your mind stays alert and active. How is it played? Perhaps this is a question lingering in your mind at the moment. Come with me as I flex muscles and delve into the nitty gritty details of mahjong alchemy in an attempt to offer you a vivid glimpse of what it is all about.

This game is involves 144 tiles which are well arranged with their faces facing upward. They are arranged in such a manner that they form a pattern of four layers. What the player needs to do is move open cards left or right to match them. Open cards are the only ones that can be moved. The main objective of this game is to match the open cards. When you match similar open cards, they get removed from the board. This way, you end up exposing the cards beneath the ones which have been removed from the board.

So, how is the game finished? The game is finished when all the cards on the board have been matched. It could also be finished when there are no more similar cards visible on the board. What makes this game more enjoyable is the fact that time is never on your side when playing it. It is always a race against time. Another feature offered is the hint option where one can click to have the available options of possible movements hinted to them.

In this game, reshuffling is offered when no more open cards can be matched from the board. The game also offers an opportunity for single or multiple players depending on the player’s wish. However, the ultimate goal of this game is to match most cards and eliminate them from the board. In so doing, the score also increase. With various images available on these cards, matching is not that easy and calls for utmost calculation. Perhaps it is time you checked it out and shared in the fun. Who knows, you could become the great alchemist.