Helmet Heroes

About Helmet Heroes Game

Play with your Friends in Helmet Heroes written by: team_aldous Helmet Heroes is an online game where you can team up with your friends to take out a bunch of enemies. Play this game at the official website of the game but you must have an account before you play. It is a good thing it won’t take that long to sign up for an account. All of your friends who want to team up with you must also have an account and a separate computer to play the game with. They must also have a fast Internet connection so you can take down the enemies in no time. You can also have pets to help you complete the mission right away. You will also meet new friends who become allies in the game as long as they are online at the same time as you. You can both be at different time zones but you have the same mission and that’s completing the game.

It is called Helmet Heroes since all the heroes in the game are wearing a helmet. You can also raise your pets to become allies by giving them specialty helmets. There are some helmets you may have to purchase in order to make them stronger. If you are not keen on making a new account just to play the game then you can always log in using your Facebook account since everyone has a Facebook account. Helmet Heroes is a game that will get you addicted right from the start. It will make you want to focus getting your teammates ready for the next battle or how to survive the current battle. The game is going to get really interesting when it is time for you to create a character as you can choose from an archer, a cowboy, a warrior or a mage as all of them have different ways to take down the enemy.