Cosmic Crush

Cosmic Crush is an exciting video game that allows players to suck up small planets while avoiding the larger worlds. This game is designed for PC units and players have to use the arrow keys on their keyboard to control a world eating rock.

Gamers will start the game off on the home screen and select the type of mode they want to play. The two modes are level and survival. The level mode allows players to destroy other worlds and becomes more difficult as the game progresses. The survival mode is similar to the level mode except players have to stay alive through various challenges as long as they can. The longer they can stay alive without losing their world the more difficult the game becomes.

Players should move with caution to avoid large planets. They should also avoid large group of planets since big planets are usually hiding out in them. They should also avoid a planet if they are not sure if they can swallow it or not. Players can have fun with game as long as they want because it is free for play on many video gaming websites.