Bomb It


Bomb It just requires you to interact with the arrow keys, and the space bar inflexibly and cleverly. The following are its basic rules: The arrow keys are used to help your guy move and the space bar used to drop a bomb, your main task is to aid your chosen guy to collect all of the necessary items in a maze where there are dozens of the wavy paths. Besides, many other men are also on their path to pick up these vital items. At that time, you will have a lot of contenders. Hence, what should you do is to possess most of those items firstly and quickly. It is time to play the game and find the answer now!

Please keep in mind that the maze is so terrible and perilous; thus, be careful, please! Come on to take your picked character to this tough maze and begin your entrusted mission. Look! He seems to be surrounded by lots of large blocks. Don’t be reluctant to place the bombs at the right location in order to explode them, players! It is worth pointing out that the number of the bombs tends to be limited, so you should use them sagaciously and wisely.

During the search, you are allowed to guide your figure through the wavy paths to harvest the enemies’ items as soon as they place the bombs down. Plus, there are also various powers up players need to remember to boost their additional bonuses, such as Life +1, Walk Faster, Bigger Explosion, Protection Shield, Throw Grenade Over Walls, Place Mine-bombs, Shoots Rocket, Confuse Enemy, Push Bomb, Bomb +1, Shoot Fire and Freezes the Enemy.