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Happy Wheels Will Have You Rollin’ in Da Fun!

Happy Wheels has all the elements of an awesome, addictive game: Speed, chills, thrills, twists, turns and lots of blood and gore! You can choose from a variety of levels, each complete with its own crazy obstacles and challenges. They’ll even throw an occasional zombie or two into the mix to keeps things extra exciting! Latch onto one of the crazy characters and see just how far your skills can take you – but beware, obstacles abound. One wrong move and you’ll be headed straight for a vicious and gory death, complete with spewing blood and broken body parts rolling around!

To begin your journey, you’ll need to choose a character to represent you. Your options include “Wheelchair Guy” a grumpy looking dude with obvious signs of wear. Despite his frail looking chair, you’ll find he has a rocket powered engine. This will surely get him moving over the terrain! Another option is “Segway Guy” young and spry, Segway Guy has the ability to jump in leaps and bounds. “Irresponsible Dad” is smart enough to wear a helmet, but the little tyke buckled into the back of his ten speed isn’t as fortunate! The “Effective Shopper” is a plump, cheery lady who glides around in her motorized scooter. In addition to the others, you’ll find Lawnmower Man, The Moped Couple, Explorer Guy, Pogostick Man and even Santa Claus in his sleigh! And least we leave out Helicopter Man and The Irresponsible Mom! Each character has their own special features and the controls will offer you full use of their delightful eccentricities.

Now that you’ve chosen your level and character you’ll want to get started. The game is easy to play. Your arrows control movement. Use the ↑ arrow to accelerate or move forward and the↓ arrow to slow down, descend or reverse. The ← arrow will cause you to lean to the left or lean back and the → arrow will get you to lean to the right or lean forward (think Segway). Use the spacebar to jump, grab or latch onto things. The Ctrl key will cause you to rotate clockwise, brake, eject your child or move body parts. Each character will react differently to the control key – you have to experiment. Hitting the Z will eject you from your vehicle. Once you’ve ejected, the arrow keys will be used in different capacities, giving you options such as straightening or raising your arms and legs or bending your knees etc.

So, now that you know the basics, the rest is up to you and good old-fashioned exploration. See what you discover. By all means, be brave enough to try and outsmart the different levels! Each one has its own zany antics and will entertain you in different ways! This is definitely a “go-to” game with a zillion different ways to help you while away those pesky hours while you’re working or in class. Give it a shot today and join in the fun!

Finally, we would like to thank our photographer friend Malcolm who helped us with some of the design on the game. You can see some of his work in the Sony Photo Awards this year. We are also working on a telephone number game which should be out soon and will be based on reverse phone data and help us with allocation in the virtul world.